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Our specialty is flow meters, level controls and samplers. Representing numerous product lines that are well placed in our territory and nationally accepted, we can provide help to you by giving guidance in choosing the equipment which best suits your application and needs. We are continually in the business of supplying customers with permit compliance solutions that last. We also make service calls to troubleshoot and make minor repairs when possible.

Our offering includes third party field calibration/meter verification for most every brand of open channel and closed pipe flow meters. We produce a report for your records that contains pertinent site and program information along with notation of any instrument adjustments. The reports are signed and dated by GPM personnel.


Open Channel Flow Meters

  • Ultrasonic
  • Bubbler
  • Area Velocity Laser

Closed Pipe Flow Meters

  • Magnetic Flow Meters
  • Doppler Strap On Meters
  • Transit Time Strap On Meters



Fiberglass Products

  • Full line of flumes
  • Fiberglass manholes
  • Equipment shelters, all sizes

Level Measurement

  • Thermal Dispersion
  • Ultrasonic
  • Radar - Pulse Burst/Guided Wave
  • Buoyancy Switches

Waste Water Samplers

  • Stationary and Portable Samplers
  • Integrated Sampling And Flow Monitoring

Solar Power for Remote Sites

  • Solar Panels For Our Sampler And
    Flow Meter Line.

Asset Management

  • Cellular Based Alarms

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